Are our teaching staff inspiring? 


I think there are many moments that are most gratifying for a teacher –  the first is when you see a students face 'glow' and 'come alive'  because they 'get it' and the second is when the student 'runs with it'  because they have an idea or know what to do now......  and watching a child blossom before my eyes is a little bit miraculous !

What a wonderful inspiration our teaching staff are.  They are the spark that ignites a student’s learning, through communicating their passion for their subjects and touching not just students’ minds, but their hearts and thoughts. 

I love sharing the excitement of a good book — when I introduce it and start talking about it with excitement, the students can’t wait for me to start reading; when it’s time to stop reading and begin our next lesson, they beg me to read “just a little more”.

The best thing we can offer our students are the skills and love that   each of our teachers bring to the classroom.

Each member of our staff is   uniquely experienced to offer the diversity of skills required to bring out the best in the students in our care. Beyond   curriculum, technology, or community partnerships, teachers are the single most important factor in a student’s learning.

Go Eltham North!