Outdoor Education Camp

Latest news:  It is important that students at Eltham North Primary School be provided with a rich variety of learning activities. Outdoor Education is a valuable tool in the provision of educational initiatives which will deliver social and educational experiences beyond the regular classroom program. Our Outdoor Education program provide all students with the opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor education experiences. Camps provide the opportunity for children to interact and build strong relationships with their peers and teachers early in the year and develop their confidence to be away from their normal family environment.

The program promotes and values team work and a strong sense of community. Students develop self confidence, self reliance and independence.

The Outdoor Education program provides a planned progression of experiences, commencing in Prep through to Year 6 with sequential experiences appropriate to the student age groups. ie in 2012 students in year 3 – 6 participate in the following experiences:

Year 3  Melbourne City overnight stay

Year 4  Three day camp to Mt Evelyn YMCA Recreational Camp

Year 5  Three day camp to Forest Edge Camp at Neerim East

Year 6  Four day camp to Phillip Island Recreational Camp

An information evening is held before the camps to provide parents with details about the itinerary and camp-based components. The staffing for all outdoor education activities is arranged within DET guidelines dependent on staff availability / parental involvement.

Possible school-based adventure experiences could include:

Camping preparation: Setting up tents (borrow pyramid tents from another school), food preparation, social and sporting activities;

  • Adventure trail: Back pack and picnic lunch along way, nature study,  art/craft
  • Edendale Farm visits: study of irrigation, solar and wind energy,  ecosystems
  • Road Safety & Bike Education: cycling along bike track, road& traffic safety activities

Adventure activities:

  • Adventure Playground
  • Orienteering, ponding, 
  • Nature study
  • Hut building
  • whole day sporting activities / excursions Prep – Year 6.

Parental involvement is an essential element of the Outdoor Education program. Parents are asked to support programs and assist in ensuring the correct ratio of student / adults is maintained.