Parent Handbook

Transition from kindergarten to school is an exciting yet daunting step for children and parents alike. Here are some tips to help smooth the way for your child (and you!)

Encourage your child to learn their full name, address and telephone number.
Foster confidence by giving your child simple duties around the home, eg: setting the table teaches left, right and quantities.
Where practical, walk your child to and from school, using the school crossings.
Warn your child NOT TO ACCEPT rides from strangers.
Select suitable stories, radio, TV and video programs. Try to read a story with your child every day.
Admire the work your child does. Show an interest in your child's accounts of daily activities.
Teach your child to tie their shoelaces.
Supply easy to eat, nutritious lunches.
If your child wishes to write their names, please use the Victorian Cursive Script
Encourage independence, by encouraging children to carry their own bags, look after their belongings and hang up their own coats and bags. All items need to be clearly named. Check regularly in case of fading or missing labels.
If your child brings home a playmate, please don't accept their assurance that his / her parents have approved. Please telephone the child's parent. Failing this, telephone the school.
Be very patient and understanding when your child comes home tired and irritable.
Ensure that your child has adequate rest. A tired child cannot learn effectively. Many Prep children go to bed at 7.30pm, but the need to sleep varies with each individual child.
Remember, the "average" child exists only in statistics. Mentally, physically and socially, children develop at quite widely different rates and, until they mature to a particular stage, certain tasks and behaviours are just not possible for them.
Be positive and enjoy the school experience. We do!