Building School and Parent Partnerships:

Our school believes that parents and the school are partners in their child's education and recognises that the best educational experiences for children will occur when there is close cooperation, mutual trust and respect between the school and the home. Children whose parents participate in the school, or who are involved with their education at home, are more successful at school.

At Eltham North we strongly encourage parental participation. Here is some background information about our PFA team.

Our PFA emerged with a few parents brainstorming ways we could grow our school community, and get everyone more involved. This was a very new concept to our school, but one that we were and are very passionate about. We hoped parents would realise that we are all here to support each other, no matter how big the job. Everyone leads busy lives, so our motto is ‘Many hands make light work’.  

If you can only help out once a year we appreciate it. Our PFA umbrella is very large, so if you can help out in anyway, you are part of our PFA. Once the word got out, more and more parents started coming to meetings or offering assistance when they  could.  New faces, new ideas, lots of support, everyone was buzzing with excitement.

Last year we turned around a small fundraising model into a PFA community team of forty two, and raised $30,000. More importantly, though, we enjoyed a lot of laughs and made some wonderful friendships.

We welcome anyone in our school community to get involved, it’s such a great opportunity to meet new people and support one another.

Our executive for 2019 will be determined early in February and include the following parents and others.

Communication coordinators -

Vice and Secretary -

Treasurer - Carol Tibbetts

         Facebook entries - Sally Harris

         Flyer designs - Tiffany Kent

Fete Coordinators _ Simone Cusack and Jacqueline Minty

PFA: Doing Things Smart

We have a thriving PFA at Eltham North Primary. We take care to ensure that parents are free to participate as actively as they like. Being a member of the PFA encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Social and community events like Class Dinners or morning teas.

  • Helping in the classroom as a PFA Rep for your teacher to parents

  • Assisting your teacher with jobs in the classroom

  • Fundraising Events

  • School Council

  • Uniform Shop

  • Walk To School Bus

  • Performing Arts team

  • Sporting Events

  • Special Lunch Days

All teachers value having one or two PFA Parent Representative in their room. The Class Representative produces a Contact List early in term 1 (provided by the PFA Secretary), and keeps parents informed of events occurring throughout the School.  Attending PFA meetings is an important part of this job. Many Reps at the school like to organise birthday presents for their teachers, or dinners out as a class. We have even had whole year levels get together, all organised by their PFA Parent Reps. Once a month we get together for a meeting in the staffroom.

Every year, the PFA encourages our school community to assist in the running of events. The PFA will hold an AGM in November. All parents for 2019 are encouraged to attend.

More information about Communication between School and Parents can be found in the Department of Education website.

Our school community 'Family Camp' at Badger Creek Healesville. Families at our Community Landscaping day.