Programs for Parents

Introduction: Programs aimed at promoting the home-school partnership and supporting students’ learning and welfare are offered to parents throughout the year. During these sessions parents learn about aspects of the school curriculum, teaching strategies, and the most effective ways to help their children.

Our Classroom Helpers program is held in the Library Centre in term one ~ Follow up session in term two.

Reading and Writing With Your Child

Parents are involved in a tutoring program at school helping children to develop reading and writing skills. Parents are shown ways to assist the reader and writer in the early phases of learning. Reading with your child tutors work with individuals and small groups in the classroom under the guidance of class teachers.

Write To Read Literacy Program ( W2R )

Parents are involved in learning more about how teachers implement the daily practice and strategies to use with children. Parents assist in small groups in classrooms and have access to W2R parent programs.

Support at Home/Homework

Eltham North Primary School supports the use of homework as part of the learning process.  Homework may be assigned at the discretion of the teacher who will take into consideration the age and learning needs of the child.  Class teachers inform parents about ways to assist their children at home. When homework is given, it should be within the capabilities of the children, be checked and corrected by the teacher and have an approximate time limit defined. Homework may be given in advance, especially in the upper classes, to encourage children to develop skills in organising their school homework around other out-of-school commitments. If children cannot complete their homework for a valid reason, parents should send a note explaining the reasons to the class teacher.  Literacy and Numeracy tips for parents to assist their child at home

Parents are encouraged to help their children with homework by: establishing a regular, and amenable routine; being interested in and discussing children’s homework; and supervising, signing and checking homework if requested. If the child does not know, or has forgotten a process, please check with the class teacher to ensure the parent’s explanations and methods are the same as those taught in the classroom. Should you have any concerns or queries regarding homework, please contact your child’s teacher.

Family Life Program: This program is held every two years.  Our next program will operate in 2019.  There are 3 sessions: One for Yr 1-2 (5.45 pm), Yr 3-4 (7.00 pm), Yr 5-6 (8.15 pm) in our library. The Family Life programs support parents to help their children learn about aspects of human sexual