Parent and Friends Association (PFA)

What is the PFA ?

At Eltham North Primary School, the Parents and Friends Association (PFA) has been running for many years, and has continued to evolve with each passing year. Although, the title PFA sounds quite formal, in essence the association is an informal one, consisting of a group of friendly and down-to-earth mothers, fathers and special carers. United we have one primary goal, and that is to actively help the school and our children. Our PFA is an integral part of ENPS and its purpose important to further the enjoyment of every student’s schooling experience.

You may ask, what does the PFA do, and why? Simply put, the PFA is responsible for creating a number of social and fundraising events throughout the school year. There are 3 fundamental reasons why PFA do what they do, and they are: –

1. To enhance the school experience of each and every child at ENPS.

As mentioned earlier, the PFA run many events throughout the year. Our events calendar has been built by imaginative parents committed to finding fun ways to engage our children. We are lucky that our children are entertained by a number of events that are not typically seen at other schools!

Our major events include the Whole School Fete on March 16 and a Whole School Movie Night. Other events include the annual School Walkathon, Mother’s Day Stall, Father’s Day Stall , Special Lunch Days 3-4 times per year, Icy Pole Days in the warmer months, Footy Day Activities on that ‘one day in September’, the School Disco, the Mango Drive, our Family Camp at Healesville and Christmas Raffles, just to name a few. These events are so much fun and our children thoroughly enjoy them. This becomes evident in the huge smiles we see, the words of anticipation and appreciation for what we do, and in the cheers we hear, with every event we run. It is heart warming and is the true essence of why we do what we do.

2. To raise vital funds to improve the school grounds

Our objective is to raise money for the school with each event we run. Much time and effort goes in to organising and running an event that we aim to raise fund to maximise the benefits.

In 2018 our PFA has raised over $30,000. With these funds, the school…..

  • installed a Gar Gar Pit, 4 x cubbies in the Prep - zone

These improvements have enhanced our children’s playtime and greatly improved the aesthetics of our school.

3. Strengthen our School Spirit.

The success of our events is made possible by all members of our school community coming together and working as a team. Our wonderful office team, teachers, and teachers aids are always there to lend a helping hand in any way they can. Their support ensures our events run smoothly and maximise the children’s enjoyment. Each event provides an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to connect in a social environment, to build relationships, and ultimately to have lots of fun! Each event is a team effort and our broad team is our school community, one that we are very proud of.

PFA events range from major events such as the School Fete, which takes months of planning and many hands to get off the ground, to minor events such as Icy Pole Days. Whatever the size of the event, we always need parents to help at every step of the way - to co-ordinate the events, to man stalls, advertising, rosters, purchasing, etc. The work load can at times be great, but when we work together as a team, it becomes much easier and enjoyable for everyone involved.

PFA is forever evolving, as parents of old move on, they make way for new parents to get involved. We hope that more of our new parents to the school, become involved in the PFA so that we can continue to provide fun-filled events for our children and continue to create exciting school experiences for all.

Thank you to all our amazing parent helpers, of past and present, for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to our cause. Your contributions, whether small or large, have been greatly appreciated and have vastly improved the quality of our children's schooling experiences. Many strong friendships have been forged along the way, many fun times have been had. Thank you to all!

Our PFA (Parents and Friends Association) started with a few parents discussing ways we could grow our school community and get everyone involved. This was a very new concept to our school, but one that we were (and still are) very passionate about.

In just a few short years, the PFA grew from a handful of eager parents to a large team of willing and enthusiastic helpers. All of these parents not only participate in and support our fundraisers – they also volunteer their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help coordinate and assist with many school activities. Every part that parents play, no matter how large or small, is appreciated and makes a huge positive impact on our overall success.

We welcome anyone in our school community to get involved. It’s such a great opportunity to meet new people, support one another and make a positive difference to our children’s school environment and experience.

Everyone leads busy lives so the PFA is guided by the idiom, “Many hands make light work”.

Our PFA umbrella is very large. There are many opportunities and ways that parents can help. Even if it is only once a year, we really appreciate it. Staff and parents are all here to support one another, no matter how big or small the job. Our values to success are communication, dedication, enthusiasm, support and (most of all) fun.

We aim to provide a platform for our greater school community to:

  • Invest and contribute to its own well-being

  • Actively participate in the life of the school and the education of their children

  • Provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other, and to be informed about their child’s school

  • Provide opportunities for all parents of students of the school to discuss issues concerned with the school, and to assist in the development of a shared parent view

  • To work in cooperation with the school council and the principal

  • To raise funds for the benefit of the school.