Prep Highlights ~ Term 2 in 2019

Foundation News – May 2019

TERM 2, 2019

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you all had restful, safe holidays. The Foundation Team are looking forward to Term 2 and all that it offers. We have been very pleased with the positive start the children have made to their Foundation Year. It has been exciting to watch the students develop their confidence and independence as they adapt to school routines. Term 2 promises to be a busy yet exciting term for everyone. We have the Walkathon, a welfare incursion, an excursion to Edendale Farm and Parent Teacher Conferences, to name just a few of the events coming up. This term we will be working with the children to teach them how to set learning goals. We will be starting with the implementation of ready to learn plans. These plans are designed to help us recognise our best learning state and how to get ourselves into this zone. Once we have developed these plans we will move to setting simple academic goals. We are at the beginning stage of teaching the students to focus on a goal, think about ways to achieve this and then constantly reflect on it until it is achieved. Naturally, as your child’s classroom teacher we have many goals and learning targets for your child. These simple ones, are goals that Foundation students can manage as they begin this goal setting/reflection process. Download a full copy here



Inquiry Units

The Inquiry Unit covered in Term 2 will be based around “places”. The unit will be called “Why are places important to people?” During this unit the children are encouraged to ask questions, explore ideas and develop understandings about places in our community, why we need these places, what makes them special/important to people and how can we ensure these are looked after for everyone’s benefit? We will be visiting Edendale Farm, for our first excursion, as an important place to not only our school but also the wider community. The date for this visit is Friday 14th June.

The homework task sent home at the end of term also supports this unit giving the children the opportunity to reflect about and share their special places.


Through the use of literature by Pamela Allen and Bob Graham we will be helping children make connections to texts. Making these connections will help build understanding of their emotions, the ability to recognise features of texts, develop vocabulary and hopefully build a love for reading and writing.

In writing sessions students will:

- build on their letter sound knowledge which is part of the Write 2 Read Program

- learn how to identify sounds in words and record these using the appropriate codes

- learn about the structure of a sentence including features such as full stops and capital letters

- learn that a sentence is constructed to convey a message

- learn to write sentences in response to a variety of texts and experiences related to places that are important to them

During handwriting sessions, we will continue to focus on:

- correct pencil grip

- correct formation of letters and numbers

- placing letters on the baseline

- having spaces between words


Students will continue to:

- learn the Write to Read 70 phonograms and how these can help them decode words.

- build on their knowledge of rhymes and syllables.

- participate in reading groups

- learn how to respond to texts through discussion and in written form.

- build on their fluency of the 100 Most Used Words

Speaking and Listening

Students will continue to :

- determine the features of a good speaker and listener

- establish what makes a good question

- learn how to present in front of the class using traits of a good speaker

- hear rhyme and syllables


We have planned a great deal of open ended problem-solving activities this term that combine and reinforce past concepts covered whilst introducing new concepts. Students will be engaged in a variety of activities that will develop their knowledge of numbers to 20 and then if ready, beyond. A key focus will be to develop a strong understanding of ways to make combinations to 10 as this knowledge is critical for all future number work. We will also concentrate on getting children to explain their thinking and strategies used to deepen their understanding.

We will look at the days of the weeks, simple 2D shapes, and ordinal numbers..

Library and Computer

The students will attend weekly sessions in the library. Please check with your classroom teacher to find out your child’s library session time. ICT skills will be taught in our classrooms using the Ipads. The children will be learning how to make presentations using Keynote.


This term we continue to focus on our school values C.A.R.E - Co operation, Achievement, Respect and Empathy. We are looking how to show kindness to others, how to solve simple problems in the playground on our own and how to control our emotions using the “Zones of Regulation” and our ready to learn plans. A key part of this term is also looking at how our brain works, the power of mistakes and understanding that it takes time to master new skills.


This term the Prep students will continue to develop their Performing Arts skills and knowledge. After a fantastic singing performance last term, they will continue to develop their pitch matching skills and learning of new songs. The major focus this term will be dance. Dance will encourage the students to explore different ways of moving and the use of steady rhythmic actions, space, tempo, energy and form. In week 3 the students will be involved in ‘Get Your Arts On’ day. This year the theme is China and the students will be involved in a variety of Chinese inspired arts activities. I hope everyone is looking forward to an exciting term!

Physical Education:

This term the foundation students will be working through units designed to improve their fundamental motor skills. Catching, throwing, bouncing and skipping are the main focus points. The skipping unit will last for three weeks towards the end of term. Cath McLardy will be running PE sessions this term as Sarah Van Nieukerk fulfils her Interschool Sport commitments with the year 6’s.


This term the students will be covering two areas in Art.

In Printing they will begin with printing their fingers to create small flowers which will be used to create Mothers Day cards. They will then print using a range of different recycled objects. Items include buttons, rings, cardboard, foam and items from nature. Second half of the unit will focus on Construction work.

Students will create art using small boxes and then make a paper bag puppet, paper plate clown and Carnevale masks.

In Italian the focus will be on learning the colours, seasons and animal names through stories, songs, games and flashcards.

Home Work

Take home readers are an important part of learning to read. We send home readers that are meant to be easy for your child to read. The words and pattern of the text are to be very familiar so fluency and confidence are increased. If you would like to help with changing readers at school, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

In conjunction with the take home reader students will have their 100 most used words and codes to learn. Please note it is not a race to learn these words and codes. Students need to develop automatic recall of both the codes and words and this comes with time and practice. If your child can read their words confidently, ask them to try and spell them or put them in a sentence for you to demonstrate their understanding. Please use the certificates that are sent home as a guide to which colour words to be working on at home so there is consistency between what is being worked on at home and what we are testing at school. When we are testing the words, this is done with flash cards OUT OF ORDER so please practise the words out of order at home.

Children are also encouraged to use the Mathletics website.

This term students will be completing an oral presentation over the term based on our inquiry unit. Dates and information about these will have been sent home via your classroom teacher.

General Reminders

The morning routine

To help develop the students’ independence we will be strongly encouraging them to come into the classroom by themselves and unpack their own bags ready for the start of the day. Please wave goodbye at the door. Your reinforcement with this task would be greatly appreciated.

Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school each day is very important for your child’s education. The school aims for a 95% attendance rate (no more that 10 days absence PER YEAR) There is a negative impact on social and education outcomes if attendance is below that. If your child is absent please use Compass to let the school know on the day or the day after.

Late Arrivals: All students arriving after the 9am bell must go to the office to be signed in and collect a late pass, before going to their class. Please be aware that being late on a regular basis will impact negatively, as your child will often miss explicit whole class learning time.

Leaving Early: When collecting your child early, they must be signed out at the office before collection. If you are aware in advance that your child will be leaving early with someone other than yourself, please let your child’s teacher know.

It is important to note that children are not supervised in the schoolyard before 8:45am or after 3:45pm. If your child is alone in the yard unsupervised either in the morning or afternoon staff will have to take your child to Out of School Hours Care. We want all children to be safe!

Food Allergies

Please note that we have several students in the Foundation level that have severe allergies to nuts. For this reason we ask that children DO NOT bring food containing nuts, Peanut Butter or Nutella. We also ask that you be mindful of egg and dairy allergies, so please check with your child’s teacher before bringing Birthday treats for the class. If your child has an allergy you might like to bring in some alternative treats to have on hand.

Rubbish Free Lunches

Students at Eltham North Primary School are terrific at looking after the environment. Part of this responsibility is NOT bringing any unnecessary rubbish into the school. Please continue to help students make healthy food choices and use labelled plastic containers. Any rubbish brought to school will go back into lunch boxes to be taken home. It is also expected that students take home any rubbish from their lunch orders.

Lunch Orders

We will continue using Classroom Cuisine, the online Lunch Order Company. Lunch orders are still on Mondays and Wednesdays only. You need to register and then order online no later than 8:30am Monday or Wednesday morning. There is a great range of healthy options for school lunches.

Website- If your child has a lunch order, you will stillneed to provide them with food for recess and fruit snack.


It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We are available before and after school on certain days if you need to make an appointment.

With thanks from the Foundation Team

Janine Tucker, Josh Darling, Rachel Hanslow-Sells, Alicia Scott and Nadia Bovalino