Prep Highlights ~ Term 3

Foundation News – July 2018

In Foundation we have had an exciting Term 2 watching our students develop from the shy new children at school to those take schooling in their stride developing friendships, contributing to classroom cultures and learning a range of academic skills. Term 3 promises to be another busy and fun term of learning where children will build on skills and knowledge introduced during terms 1 and 2.  This term we farewell Rachel McGregor as she goes on maternity leave.  We wish her all the best as she welcomes the new member of her family. We are excited to have Chris Wales join our team whilst Rachel is on leave.


Inquiry Unit

The Inquiry Unit in Term 3 will be called “Why are places important to people?”.  This unit will investigate the big idea that people live in places and places belong to the community. Children are encouraged to learn about the places special to our community and develop an understanding of why and how they should look after these.  As part of this unit we will have a day where the children will be proactive with looking after their playground to make it special to play in.  We will have an incursion to Edendale Farm as part of this unit in week 8.


In writing sessions students will:

-       continue to build on their letter sound knowledge which is part of the Write 2 Read Program.

-       build on their knowledge of codes in words and their ability to record these when spelling. 

-       develop their ability to write simple sentences including features such as full stops and capital letters.

-       learn to write sentences in response to a variety of texts and experiences.

During handwriting sessions we will continue to focus on:

-       Correct pencil grip

-       Correct formation of letters and numbers

-       Placing letters on the baseline

-       Having spaces between words


Students will continue to:

-       learn the Write to Read 70 phonograms and how these can help them decode words.

-       build on their knowledge of rhymes and syllables.

-       participate in guided reading groups and reading rotations

-       learn how to respond to texts through discussion and in written form.

-       build on their fluency of the 100 Most Used Words.

-       Develop their comprehension skills

-       Learn to distinguish between non fiction and fiction books

Speaking and Listening

Students will continue to:

-       use the features of a good speaker and listener in class.

-       develop their questioning skills.

-       Develop their use of vocabulary through guided discussions

-       Build on their knowledge of rhyme


Students will be building on their number knowledge whilst developing their problem solving skills. The units covered during the session will be decades, teen numbers, addition, days of the week and location.  You can help your child build on their number knowledge by playing simple counting games and card games.  Ask them questions like what number comes before or after, what does 5 and 5 make, get them to count forwards and backwards from different starting points etc.


Our focus this term is on growth mindset.  As part of the growth mindset unit we will look at how the brain works, set some personal goals for learning and recognising that it is ok to make mistakes. We will also be reinforcing the Zones of Regulation from term 1 and 2.


This term the foundation students will be working through units designed to improve their fundamental motor skills and coordination. The children will participate in activities using equipment such as bean bags, balls, hoops and cones to improve their control, balance and speed. They will also actively participate in a variety of games, to improve fitness levels. It will be a fun energetic term.


This term the Prep students will continue to develop their Performing Arts skills and knowledge. They will be composing their own lyrics for the song Aiken Drum and learning some Performing Arts terminology and further exploring related concepts. They will continue to develop their pitch matching skills and learn new songs. Dance will encourage the students to explore different ways of moving and the use of ribbons/scarves as dancing props. They will begin to undertake a range of drama activities towards the end of term. I hope we all have a great time!

Library and Computer

The students will continue to attend two sessions in the library/computer lab.  During their ICT sessions they will be learning to code using a program called “Codeable”, learn to insert text boxes, take photos and some basic word processing.


Foundation Art/Italian


 The two units we are covering this term are Collage and Threads/Textiles Art.

In Collage the students will be introduced to the techniques through a story of Henry Matisse. The students will create art through cutting, folding, and altering paper. Colour and contrasting will be the focus. Then student will create a portfolio collage piece based on these techniques and geometric shapes.

 A study of Gustav Klimt and patterns will be the starting point for this lesson.  A collage using different materials such as buttons and ribbons will also be created. Finally, a gelato collage will be created after reading the story in Italian “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

 A Father’s Day card will be made and decorated in Art.

Students will learn about different fabrics/materials in a Threads/Textiles unit of work and create a hessian picture, fabric fish collage and a stick puppet. 


In Italian we will continue to practise our numbers, alphabet and colours. The students will be learning to write and recognize the Numbers 1-10 in Italian. Through games, singing, flashcard recognition and activity worksheets student will develop their confidence in using the numbers in Italian. A new Winter song “Inverno” will be learnt. The Seasons will be introduced into their vocabulary this term.

 Ciao Signora Sciola

Homework Reminders

Show and Tell will be sent home early in the term.  You child will have two show and tell times for the term.  The task they have been asked to complete will be used later in the term as part of our inquiry unit so it is important that they do complete these please.

Take home readers will continue to be sent home daily.  We send home readers that are meant to be easy for your child to read. The words and pattern of the text should be very familiar so fluency and confidence are increased.

In conjunction with the take home readers, students will continue to have the 100 most used words and codes to learn.  Please note it is not a race to learn these words and codes.  If your child can recall their words but has not yet been given the next set, get them to try and spell these words or put them in a sentence for you to demonstrate their understanding.  The same applies with the codes. If your child can easily read the code, try saying the code to your child then getting them to write the code.  Students need to develop automatic recall of both the codes and words.

Children are also encouraged to use the Mathletics website.

General Reminders

The morning routine

To help develop the students’ independence, confidence and resilience we strongly encourage each student to say their ‘goodbyes’ at the classroom door, come into the classroom and unpack their own bags ready for the start of the day.  Your ongoing support and reinforcement with this task would be greatly appreciated.

Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school each day is very important for your child’s education. The school aims for a 95% attendance rate (no more that 10 days absence PER YEAR). There is a negative impact on social and education outcomes if attendance is below that. If your child is absent please use Compass to let the school know.

Late Arrivals

All students arriving after the 9am bell must go to the office to be signed in and collect a late pass before going to their class. Please be aware that being late on a regular basis may impact your child negatively as they will often miss explicit whole class learning time.

Leaving Early

When collecting your child early, they must be signed out at the office before collection.  If you are aware in advance that your child will be leaving early with someone other than yourself, please let your child’s teacher know.

It is important to note that children are not supervised in the schoolyard before 8:45am or after 3:45pm.  If your child is alone in the yard unsupervised either in the morning or afternoon, staff will take your child to Out of School Hours Care. We want all children to be safe!

Rubbish Free Lunches

Students at Eltham North Primary School are terrific at looking after the environment. Part of this responsibility is NOT bringing any unnecessary rubbish into the school. Please continue to help students make healthy food choices and use labelled plastic containers. Any rubbish brought to school will go back into lunch boxes to be taken home. It is also expected that students take home any rubbish from their lunch orders.

Lunch Orders

We will continue using Classroom Cuisine, the online Lunch Order Company. Lunch orders are still on Mondays and Wednesdays only. You need to register and then order online no later than 8:30am Wednesday morning. There is a great range of healthy options for school lunches.







It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We are available before and after school on certain days if you need to make an appointment.


The Prep teachers have an open door policy and we will make every effort to speak to you personally. If you require more than a quick chat, please talk to us or email us to make a time so we can sit together without disruptions.

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