Prep Highlights ~ Term 3

Foundation News – October 2018

It is hard to believe that this time last year your children were attending their first transition sessions and here we are with them almost completing their first year of school.  We hope you are as proud of them as we are for their wonderful achievements socially, emotionally and academically this year. We look forward to seeing more progress during Term 4 as they start to prepare for the transition to 2019. Term 4 is a busy term with two excursions and special whole school events.  Our excursions will be to the Zoo and Chesterfield Farm.  This term can be challenging for some students as there are often a lot of exciting events both at school and out of school, changes to routines, and some anxieties about moving to a new class.  Students often become tired which can impact on their ability to cope. We will help the students with this through encouragement of Growth Mindset, our welfare program, transition sessions to the 2019 classrooms and communication with you. Please note that you will be advised of the transition process for your child moving to Year one throughout the term.   At this stage, class teachers have not been determined for 2019 as staffing is often not finalised until much later in the term.  If you have any special requirements for 2019, David Foley will ask for these to be submitted via email by a due date.  Please note; Your request needs to be linked to educational needs of your child.



In writing sessions students will:

-       continue to build on their letter sound knowledge which is part of the Write 2 Read Program.

-       continue to use their knowledge of codes in words when spelling. 

-       continue to develop their ability to read and write the 100 most used words.

-       continue to develop their ability to write complete simple sentences including features such as full stops and capital letters.

-       learn about making sentences more exciting through the use of descriptive language (WOW words).

-     compose a narrative based around an animal of their choice.

During handwriting sessions, we will continue to focus on:

-       correct pencil grip

-       correct formation of letters and numbers

-       placing letters on the baseline

-       having spaces between words


Students will continue to:

-       use the 70 phonograms, rhyme and syllable knowledge to help decode words.

-       participate in guided reading groups and reading games directed to a learning focus.

-       learn how to respond to texts through discussion and in written form.

-       Develop their comprehension skills by making predictions and connecting ideas to personal experiences.

-       learn to distinguish between non-fiction and fiction books

-       discuss the authors purpose of texts.

-       develop reading stamina.

Speaking and Listening

Students will continue to:

-       use the features of a good speaker and listener in class.

-       respond to texts, identifying favourite stories, authors and illustrators.

-       listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations.


Students will be engaged in a variety of activities this term using concrete materials that will develop their knowledge of subtraction and sharing.  We will look at collecting data (graphing), subtraction and sharing, along with revisiting past topics to reinforce concepts. We will also continue to develop the students’ number fluency of the tens facts and build on their number knowledge by getting the students to confidently count backwards and forwards from various starting points above 20, naming numbers before and after etc.


Our unit this term is called “How did you solve that?”  This is a design and technology unit that provides the students with the opportunity to design, build and reflect on a variety of structures. For example, a bed for Goldilocks, a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff or a sleigh for Santa.


This term the students will be attending cooking lessons with Karen Koutsodontis.  These classes will run over a double session and last for 5 weeks.  These cooking lessons start in week 2 of Term 4.  We do need as many parent helpers as we can for cooking so please let your classroom teacher know if you are able to offer your assistance.

Library and Computer

The students will continue to attend one session per week, in the library and computer lab. 


In Term 4, the Foundation students are going to be working through units on Cricket and Mini Olympics. In these units, they will be revisiting a number of skills they have started learning this year including throwing, catching, hitting and of course the ability to work in teams.

P.E will be taught by Sarah Van Nieukerk this term.


In Term 4 the units we will be covering are Modelling, Threads/Textiles and Christmas Art.

 In Modelling the students will be using a variety of modelling mediums and discover what can be done using rolling, pinching and decorating techniques. They will have experiences with plasticene and clay.

We have our Artist in Residence program happening this term with Mary Lou Pittard taking a clay lesson with the students who will create a pinch pot and christmas decoration, then have it glaze fired. Pre clay skills will be practiced during normal art lessons.

Christmas art will include Christmas calendar, decorations and a card.

In Italian for the final term of the year, the students will be introduced to animals through stories, charts, art, language practice and song. Then the cultural aspect of an Italian and Australian Christmas and their similarities and differences will be discussed.

Ciao Signora Sciola

Performing Arts

This term the Prep students will continue to develop their Performing Arts skills and knowledge. They will be exploring drama through the use of fairy tales. They will have the opportunity to act out a fairy tale using costumes and props. They will be learning some basic drama vocabulary whilst doing this. They will continue to develop their pitch matching skills and learn new songs. They will practise and refine songs they have already learnt during the term. I hope we all have a great time!

Homework Reminders

Take home readers will continue to be sent home daily.  We send home readers that are meant to be easy for your child to read. The words and pattern of the text should be very familiar so fluency and confidence are increased.  

In conjunction with the take home readers, students will continue to have the 100 most used words and codes to learn.

Children are also encouraged to use the Mathletics website. If you are unsure if your child’s logon details, please see your classroom teacher.

This term the children are also expected to complete a small book review which they will present to the class.  A pro forma will be sent home in week one for your child to use.

With thanks from the Foundation Team:

Janine Tucker