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Hi Kids.  This is your 'Link' page.  Here are lots of great web pages and links for you.  We also hope you will suggest some connections that we can load onto this page for your friends.

Our latest news article:

Our Junior School Councilors have worked really hard throughout the year and we are very proud of their achievements.

Members of our JSC nominated the following as their personal highlights  The Special Days we organised, these included Football Day, Doctors and Nurses Day and Book Character Day.

Raising money for people in Uganda and meeting Ian Seal from the Indigo Foundation. Ian showed us how the money we raise is helping the students from Bwibere School in Uganda. Seeing the pictures and hearing his stories, really inspired us to do more to help the people there. As well as raising money at school, two members of our JSC put a PowerPoint together about what we have done. They went and presented to 50 adults to help another company raise money for this worthwhile cause.

Through our fundraising efforts we have donated nearly 2,000 dollars to different charities.

Helping the PFA (Parents and Friends Association) at movie night was something we all enjoyed and we would love to help the PFA do more things next year.

We all thought that Leadership Day was awesome and we learnt a lot about public speaking and being a leader ~

Whole school consistency in implementing behaviour management strategies informed by:

20% of students in Level 3 and 50% of students in Level 4 will be involved in Leadership programs

Evident in classroom programs and exposure across the school community – newsletters, assembly, etc

Department of Education Site for Kids

Feeling Safe (an article that gives you facts about what to do if someone is hurting you or making you feel unsafe)