Sunsmart in the Summer Months:

When the sun is shining it's great to be active outdoors. However, it is very important when you are having fun in the sun from September to April to remember the Outside 5. This is because ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can damage and burn your skin. UV radiation can't be seen or felt and can reach you even if you stay in the shade.

The OUTSIDE 5 can help you protect your skin

1. Use shade

2. Wear sun protective clothing

3. Wear a sun protective hat

4. Wear wrap - around sunglasses

5. Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen

To visit the Sunsmart home page.

To find out the Sunsmart 'Alert for Today' in Melbourne.

To read our school policy for Sunsmart

Ideas for the Winter Months:

Autumn leaves are falling and so are Victoria's UV levels - so now isthe time to think about your sun exposure and vitamin D over winter.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skincancer but also a good natural source of vitamin D, which is importantfor general health.

In Victoria average UV levels from May to August are low (1 or 2) so it's time to get some sun for vitamin D.

To get enough vitamin D during the winter months, it is recommendedthat faces, arms and hands (or equivalent area of skin) are exposed tothe sun for two to three hours over the week. Adults and children withnaturally very dark skin may need three to six times these exposuretimes.

Sun protection is not required unless you are in alpine areas, nearhighly reflective surfaces such as snow or outside for extended periods.

To check the UV levels in your area go to the SunSmart UV Alert in the weather section of your daily newspaper or on the SunSmart website