Support Services

Eltham North Primary School utilises the talents of many highly skilled people to coordinate and implement highly valuable Support programs for students. Summarised below is a list of the Support Services team and the roles associated with the services provided.

Educational Psychology

Stephen Hayes is a registered Psychologist and is available to provide psycho-educational assessments. These assessments aim to determine the nature of a child’s learning difficulties and provide resources and support to the child’s teachers and parents. Assessments can also be completed for high-achieving students to determine their intellectual strengths. Stephen is also available to provide short-term counselling to students and parents for issues that may affect a child at school.


Stephen Hayes (Child and Educational Psychologist) and the Terese Kenneally (Educ. Psych. - Department of Education) are available for short-term counselling to students and parents for issues that may affect a child at school.

Speech Pathology / Occupational Therapy

Speech and language pathologist with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development are available for speech and language assessments and short-term speech therapy.

Renee Bell is a speech and language pathologist and is available to provide expressive and receptive language assessments. She operates the Expressive / Receptive Language Program for individual children / small groups of children with language-related difficulties.  Danni La Ferlita is an occupational therapist who works at our school each fortnightly.

Visiting Teacher Service

The Visiting Teacher Service supports students who may have a hearing, visual, physical or health impairment. These teachers visit Eltham North Primary School weekly to work with these students and support their class teachers and parents.

Program for Students with Disabilities

This program aims to support students with a recognised disability by providing additional resources to support these students at school. These students are usually supported with an integration aide to work with them individually and within the classroom. Students may be eligible for assistance under the Program for Students with Disabilities if they meet the criteria for any of the following: Intellectual Disability, Severe Language Disorder (with critical educational needs), Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Impairment, Severe Behaviour Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Debbie Edwards,  Danielle Craigie, Tracy Scott, Sue Arber,  Kylie Davies,  Moira Wilkins,  Leann Lupton, Sarah Revell,  Eryn Flynn, Sharon Burch are employed as Aides at Eltham North Primary School.