YEARS 1 AND 2     PARENT NEWSLETTER     TERM 2   in   2018

Parent Information Night powerpoint

The Level 1 and 2 team would like to welcome everyone back to Term 2 and we hope you all had a relaxing, enjoyable break and a Happy Easter.  It has been fantastic to see the students come back with enthusiasm and settle back into classroom routines. Term 2 is 11 weeks long and promises to be a busy but productive term for everyone. The teachers have spent considerable time planning this term’s lessons and activities and we are looking forward to introducing the children to exciting new learning.


Inquiry Units

In Term 2, students will enjoy learning about the following topics. Each of these units has been planned to incorporate aspects of the inquiry approach to learning.  Children are encouraged to ask questions, explore ideas and develop understandings about the world in which they live.

Year One

This term we will explore Critical & Creative Thinking within our Design & Technologies Integrated focus: ‘What is the connections between Farms and us?.

The first part of our investigations will explore the Four R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. This will link nicely with our first excursion to CERES. Throughout the term, students will investigate ways Australian farmers and foresters are producing food and fibres, for food, clothing and shelters. We will also discover more about how products, foods, clothes and toys are produced and where the primary resources are found, manufactured or grown. For many students this will be a ‘mind-boggling’ experience: to learn about the origins of the many things we eat and use, and often take for granted in our daily lives.  The students will make connections between different environments and their daily lives. We will also be visiting Edendale Farm to explore and support making these connections.

The take home ‘research’ project has been designed for students to explore farms and explore a variety of investigative questions about their chosen farm. We will create a model/diorama of our farms and prepare some cue cards to help present the information to the class.

Throughout this Unit we will use graphic organisers, like mind maps, to ‘reveal’ the children’s existing knowledge and to chart their learning.

Year Two

This term we are continuing with a History focus (and also dipping into a little Geography), looking at our new Essential Question, ”What Makes a Place Special to a Community?” We will be exploring landmarks (natural and built) in and around Eltham.

In class, we will  look closely at  local significant landmarks, including the site of the Adventure Playground, Edendale Community Farm, the Diamond Creek and the Redbacks Soccer Club. We will investigate the location, history and significance of the Old Courthouse, the Eltham Library, the Trestle Bridge as well as other sites of importance in our local area. Students will be encouraged to think about why these sites are valued by the community. Our exploration of the Past in the Present through local landmarks will culminate with a visit to Cooper’s Settlement and Bundoora Park in the last week of the semester.

Throughout the term, we will investigate ways in which history is preserved and why certain sites have cultural value to communities. The students will be encouraged to identify the features of various sites, such as dates, decorations and plaques on buildings, that reveal the past. We will learn about identifying our indigenous history through artefacts and preserved sites.

We will ask the students about places they consider important and why they believe they should be maintained. We hope this unit encourages the students to think about our community and its history.



Year One

This term, students will be investigating procedural text, we will be exploring the structure and language of procedures. We will continue to introduce and use the VCOP strategies to assist us with our writing and undertake Big Writes regularly through the term. We will continue to write recounts about our weekends and special school events.

Year Two

This term, students will be investigating narratives and procedural text, we will be exploring the structure and language used in these genres. We will continue to use the VCOP strategies to assist us with our writing. We will continue to write recounts about our weekends and special school events.


Year One

Students will participate in reading group activities where they will continue to practise and develop important reading skills. They will also be involved in Independent reading sessions where students have some choice in the texts they read whilst still focussing on specific strategies. There will be a continued focus on the reading toolbox to assist in decoding unfamiliar words and strategies to aid comprehension. 

Year Two

In Reading, Year 2s are reviewing decoding strategies and how to apply their phonogram knowledge to decoding unfamiliar words (Reading Toolbox). The students will also be learning comprehension strategies, such as making mental images and making text-to-self connections. There will be a focus on observing punctuation while reading to continue developing our reading skills and use of expression.


Year One

In spelling this term we will continue to practice reading and writing the 70 phonograms. Having these codes in our “automatic file” helps us decode words when reading, and spell unfamiliar words correctly. We will learn about some reading and spelling rules such as “qu” – the letter q never appears in an English word without u beside it! To help us learn the codes and rules we will play lots of fun and engaging spelling games and activities.

Year Two

Year 2’s are focussing on phonogram knowledge and application of spelling rules (Spelling Toolbox). We will use various games and activities to allow the students time to learn and apply their knowledge. The children are also practising spelling high frequency words, according to need.


Children will be engaged in a variety of topics this term that will allow them to deepen their understanding of number, shape and measurement. We will continue to use the Numicon equipment in the classroom as it is a multi-sensory approach that assists students to develop a powerful understanding of number ideas and number relationships.

Year 1:

-       Place Value

-       Part Part Whole

-       Counting

-       Addition

-       Length

Year 2:

-       Location

-       2D and 3D Shapes

-       Patterns

-       Addition

-       Subtraction

-       Place Value

Resilience Project

In our Student Wellbeing and Social Skills Unit this term, we will continue learning about the Growth Mindset concept. We will also be exploring the important skillset of self-regulation and emotional literacy through the primary curriculum program - ‘Zones of Regulation’. We believe these lessons, together with our daily meditation sessions will be beneficial to both staff and students in developing positive mental health strategies

Library and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)

Your child will continue have the opportunity to borrow from the school library weekly in our library sessions. Books must be returned fortnightly.

Please remember your child may only borrow if they have a library bag. Your child’s teacher will update you with a change of library time if necessary.

Year One

This term Level 1 students will be learning ‘Code’ – the language of computer programming. Many educators believe that code is essential curriculum for 21 Century. In a rapidly changing and increasingly ‘wired’ and interconnected world, children need to be able to read and write this new universal language, in order to be active participants and literate citizens of the 21 C.

Year Two

In ICT sessions this term, students will be bringing their own narrative stories to life using Toontastic on the iPads. In the computer lab, they will continue to work on developing their word processing skills, combining their lnquiry learning and Powerpoint to produce an Australian landmark presentation.


In Art this term, the Year 1&2 students will be making beautiful Mother’s Day / special friend cards; completing simple sewing tasks using ribbon, creating paper collaged owls, printing with a variety of recycled items and learning about artists, Jim Goldcrown, Wassily Kandinsky and Sarrita King. The children will have opportunities to learn new skills, explore new media and create. Please note: The Art room is holding a lunchtime club this term. Students will receive details during their Art sessions.

Physical Education

This term the level 1 & 2 students will be participating in units on catching, throwing and bouncing. Learning these fundamentals is vital as we start to incorporate them into sport specific skills. The skipping unit will be towards the end of term and it will give individuals a chance to improve their skills whilst raising vital funds for the Heart Foundation. The school jump off date is Wednesday 21st June.


This fun weekly session will continue to provide the students with an opportunity to participate in physical activity, practising important motor skills.

Home Reading and Homework

Take home readers are an important part of learning to read.  We send home readers that are meant to be easy for your child to read to develop a joy of reading. The words and pattern of the text are to be very familiar so fluency and confidence are increased. It is important that you chat to your child about their reading, asking questions and having a conversation about the text. This assists in ensuring your child is understanding the text and not just decoding the words.

Take Home Readers

In Year One and Two take home readers will continue this term.

Your child may also have word code inside their reader cover. Your child should be practising these codes (e.g. spotting in words / saying and writing them).

Note: Students who participate in the Literacy Support Program will have homework tasks.

This homework is targeted specifically towards your child’s needs and is a necessity for them to consolidate what they are learning. Please ensure that your child completes this homework.

Homework Policy

Year 1s and 2s will have daily reading practise, a spelling/code grid choice, and Mathletics tasks, relevant to the topics covered in class, set each week. This will begin Thursday in week 2 and be due at school by Friday the following week. One oral presentation project to be completed at home, will be assigned each semester

General Reminders

Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school each day is very important for your child’s education. The school aims for a 95% attendance rate (no more that 10 days absence PER YEAR) There is a negative impact on social and education outcomes if attendance is below that. If your child is absent please use Compass to let the school know on the day or the day after.

Late Arrivals: All students arriving after 9am must go to the office to be signed in and collect a late pass, before going to their class. Please be aware that being late on a regular basis will impact negatively, as your child will often miss explicit whole class learning time. Meditation begins at 9.00am, so if your child is late, please ask them to enter quietly and take their place without disturbing the class. Please note students enter classroom 8.55am to be ready for a 9am start.

Leaving Early: When collecting your child early, they must be signed out at the office before collection.  If you are aware in advance that your child will be leaving early with someone other than yourself, please let your child’s teacher know.

It is important to note that children are not supervised in the schoolyard before 8:45am or after 3:45pm.  If your child is alone in the yard unsupervised either in the morning or afternoon staff will have to take your child to Out of School Hours Care. We want all children to be safe!

Teacher Meetings

The home/school partnership is critical to your child’s education. If you have any questions, clarifications or issues that need discussing about your child’s academic, social or emotional needs, please see your child’s class teacher as your first point of contact. As teachers often have before and after school commitments please make a time to meet. Teachers are also available through email and phone if this is more convenient. All teacher emails are available through COMPASS.

Food Allergies

Please note that we have several students in the 1/2 area that have severe allergies to nuts. For this reason we ask that children please DO NOT bring food containing nuts, Peanut Butter or Nutella. We also ask that you be mindful of egg and dairy allergies, so please check with your child’s teacher before bringing Birthday treats for the class. If your child has an allergy you might like to bring in some alternative treats to have on hand.

Rubbish Free Lunches

Students at Eltham North Primary School are terrific at looking after the environment. Part of this responsibility is NOT bringing any unnecessary rubbish into the school. Please continue to help students make healthy food choices and use labelled plastic containers. Any rubbish brought to school will go back into lunch boxes to be taken home. It is also expected that students take home any rubbish from their lunch orders.


ENPS believes that the wearing of school uniform fosters pride with in the school. Parents are responsible for ensuring students are in school uniform, ie plain bottle green or gold school clothing, closed toe footwear ie, runners or polished lalck school shoes, hair longer than shoulder length tied back and no fashion jewellery.

Lunch Orders

We will continue using Classroom Cuisine, the online Lunch Order Company. Lunch orders are still on Mondays and Wednesdays only. You need to register and then order online no later than 8:30am Wednesday morning. There is a great range of healthy options for school lunches.


Week 5 ~ Wed May 16 ~ Education Week –Open Day

Week 8 ~ Thur June 7 ~ Curriculum Day

Week 9 ~ Mon June 11 ~ Queens Birthday

Week 10 Thurs June 21 ~ P.S.T Conferences and

Week 10 ~ Fri June 22 ~ School Disco

Week 11 ~ Fri June 29 ~ End Term 2


It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We are available before and after school on certain days if you need to make an appointment.

With thanks from the 1/2 team ~ Michelle Lucas, Hayley Ball, Shelley Gunn, Matthew Georges, Lyndell Whiting, Michelle Mercer, Natasha Soundy, Kate Hocking, Claire Amsellem and Alicia Moore.