Term 2 was a wonderful term and it is hard to believe the year is already half way over!

We would like to thank all the families who came to Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. This was such a valuable opportunity for all to share and celebrate student learning and achievements throughout Semester One. Term 3 is a 10-week term and promises to once again be a busy, exciting and productive term for students and teachers. As teachers we have spent considerable time planning lessons and activities to engage our students and we are looking forward to implementing these in our classrooms.  



TERM 3, 2019


Inquiry Units

‘Why does the Earth change over time?’

The students will be undertaking an earth science based unit to investigate living things and the changing nature of the earth’s environment. They will be involved in a range of activities looking at the questions

●      How does the Earth’s surface change over time?

●      How do natural and human processes cause changes to Earth’s surface over time?

●      Why does our local environment keep changing?

●      How did changes in the landscape affect Australia’s living things, e.g. Megafauna?

Students will explore how natural and human forces cause environmental changes that affect the survival of all living things. Students will research an endangered Australian animal to prepare an information report. An ‘Our Changing Earth’ incursion will provide hands-on experiences to develop understandings. As students apply the scientific process in a series of fun science experiments, they will be encouraged to pose questions, predict outcomes, plan and conduct simple experiments, process and analyse collected data. Information compiled during the unit will be presented in information, scientific and news report formats. 

Our unit has been planned incorporating any inquiry approach to learning.  Children are encouraged to set questions, gather information and resources and develop understandings about the world.


Year 3


In Year 3 students will be writing information reports. They will be learning the strategies for composing non-fiction texts such as researching skills, note taking skills and topic sentences. They will be applying the steps of the writing process to plan, compose, edit, revise and publish through the genre they are working on.

Spelling and Grammar

Students will continue being explicitly taught, through the Write to Read Program, phonograms, spelling rules and how to apply these in everyday writing tasks. Students will also have an explicit grammar focus lesson each fortnight. Both W2R and Grammar will be reinforced within literacy group activities and boot camps to reinforce and practise skills


This term we will continue with our CAFE approach to check that we understand what we have read and re-reading when meaning is lost. The students will also be looking at the difference between the main idea and supporting details as well as facts and opinions.  Please continue to encourage your child/ children to read regularly at home and talk to them about what they have read. Encouraging them to express their opinion about things they have read or tell you what has happened in the story is a great way of helping them learn.

Speaking and Listening

Students will continue to be involved in speaking and listening activities in a variety of ways within the classroom program. They will be encouraged to be active listeners, respond appropriately and contribute to class discussions. They will be participating in some self assessment of their skills throughout the term.

Year 4


The Year 4 students will be writing a range of reports, including information reports, scientific reports, and news reports, aligning with our Inquiry topic. Students will be developing their research skills to inform their writing and work through the stages of the writing process: planning, drafting, editing, revising and publishing in a variety of formats.


Students in Year 4 will continue to participate in the CAFÉ reading program, conferencing with teachers and working towards achieving personal goals. Students will continue to participate in literacy rotations to target specific reading strategies, as well as continuing our fantastic Book club where groups of students will be reading the same novel and meeting to discuss their book once a week to develop deeper understandings.

Speaking and Listening

Students will continue to be involved in a range of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills. Students will be participating in collaborative group work and will be encouraged to use interactive skills, including active listening, communicating with group members to create a news report using i-Movie.

Spelling and Grammar

Year 4 students will participate in an explicit grammar focus lesson each week, combined with literacy group activities to develop their writing skills, linking to the genre being studied. Students will continue being explicitly taught spelling rules through the Write to Read Program, and how to apply these in their writing.


Year 3

During Mathematics sessions, students will be encouraged to engage with a range of mathematical concepts through whole class focus sessions, explicit teaching of concepts, small group activities, games and mathematical investigations. There will be a strong focus on problem solving and providing students with opportunities to apply their skills to real life situations.

In Year 3 we will be covering the following areas:

•   Numbers facts (focus on fast, accurate recall)

•   Mental and written strategies for multiplication

•   The link between multiplication and division

•   Measurement - Length & Area

•   3D Shapes

Year 4

During Mathematics sessions, students will be encouraged to engage with a range of mathematical concepts through whole class focus sessions, explicit teaching of concepts, small group activities, games and mathematical investigations. There will be a strong focus on problem solving and providing students with opportunities to apply their skills to real life situations. We will continue to incorporate the Big Ideas in Number and use this structure to ensure the students develop a strong foundation and understanding of mathematical concepts

In Year 4 we will be covering the following areas:

●      Mental and written strategies for multiplication

●      Mental and written strategies for division

●      Calculating area

●      Working with fractions and decimals

Art Year 3

The Year Three students have a fantastic term planned in the Art room. The students will be working in collaboration with the PFA to create beautiful Father’s Day/special friend cards. Next, the children will explore ‘threads & textiles’, ‘construction’ and ‘collage’ to create chatterbox puppets, paper weaving from painted paper and collaged trees. Finally, the inspirational artist this term will be Kerrie Ambrosino. The children will collage, paint and print cats using the techniques of this artist. It should be a fun filled term.

Art/Italian Grade 4

In Art this term we will be covering two units of work. They are Collage and Threads/Textiles. In Collage the students will create Crazy Animals, and circle pictures after  a study of Wassily Kadinsky a Russian painter. Students demonstrating a range of paper altering techniques. This piece will be used for their Portfolio artwork.

 A Father’s Day card will be made and decorated with collage pattern papers and sequins.  

Incorporating a study of famous artist John Brack and his work “The Battle” students will create art using collage techniques influenced by his style. As part of our Threads/Textiles unit of work we will be creating Fabric Owls, Spider Web weave and Felt Finger Puppets. 

In Italian we will be focusing on learning facts about the country Italy. We will be singing, playing games and listening to stories in Italian as well.

Signora Sciola

Physical Education

In Term 3, the Year 3 & 4 students are learning and practicing skills required for soccer, basketball and football. They will then apply these skills in a round robin format of games.

Some students will be also be participating in District Athletics on August 14th.

Performing Arts

This term the Grade 3/4’s will continue to develop skills and knowledge in the area of Performing Arts. Both year levels will be focussing on music. The students will learn to play some well known melodies on instruments such as the marimba, xylophones, glockenspiels and keyboards. They will also revise and practise songs and rhythms. I look forward to working with the year 3/4s again this term!

Wellbeing Program

Our Wellbeing Program in Term 3 will continue to focus on understanding the CARE school values of Cooperation, Achievement, Respect and Empathy and what these values look like both in and out of the classroom. Students will also focus on understanding more fully the meaning of empathy and why it’s an important human quality. They will be learning all about respect and why valuing difference positively influences relationships. Gratitude will continue to be an ongoing quality fostered in our classrooms. In particular, being thankful for the little things in life and the readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness.

Additionally classroom practices across the school will reflect some new ideas gained from recent professional development on the Berry Street Model and Respectful Relationships. As our Wellbeing program is a whole school approach, every Monday morning all classes will participate in their developmentally appropriate Wellbeing session. Some of the Year 3 and 4 topics include understanding strong emotions and the strategies  we can use to de-escalate as well as understanding different types of problems and how to seek help. The children will be developing a ‘Safety Plan’ which will identify specific triggers for strong emotions, their physical response and strategies they can apply to de-escalate and calm.

Library Year 3 and Year 4 

In our weekly library sessions, students will have the opportunity to browse and borrow books for home use and the classroom library.  


Parent Involvement

In Year 3 and 4 teachers are encouraging greater independence to prepare students for senior school, so assisting your child in staying organised will help them achieve this. We also ask for support from parents in running our wonderful PFA organised events, if you are able to help out with special days it makes a huge difference to the children's school memories.

Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school everyday is important for consistency in your child’s education. If your child is absent for a whole or part of a day, please remember to log onto Compass and complete the absence details.  A Late Pass is required from the office if your child arrives after 9am.

Rubbish Free School

A general reminder regarding our Rubbish Free policy: Rubbish sent to school will return home with your child. Please encourage healthy eating and the use of clearly LABELLED reusable plastic containers for your child’s lunch and snack.


Please ensure you are checking COMPASS regularly for school updates and happenings.

Teacher Meetings

The home/school partnership is critical to your child’s education. If you have any questions, clarifications or issues that need discussing about your child’s academic, social or emotional needs, please see your child’s class teacher as your first point of contact. As teachers often have before and after school commitments please make a time to meet. If it is required, teachers can be emailed through compass. Please note that this mailbox is not monitored outside of school hours and your classroom teacher will not respond to emails outside of this time.

Student Diaries & Home Reading

Each student has been issued with a diary or reading log and they are required to bring this to school everyday. These are used for communication between home and school, as well as a way for the children to organise themselves and remember school-related activities.

We ask the children to read for at least 20 minutes 4 times a week.  Please check that your child writes in their diary each night stating the name of the book and how long they read for. We ask you to sign and make a comment each week, by Thursday.  Your child’s diary will be checked and signed by the classroom teacher each Friday.


Week 3 All week Book fair

Week 3 Friday 2nd August School Disco

Week 4 Wednesday 7th August Curriculum day

Week 5 Wednesday 14th August District Athletics

Week 9 Wednesday 11th September Footy Day

It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We thank you for your continued support.  The Level 3/4 team ~ Jarrod Wait, Lisa Smith, Cara Grant, Michael Farrell, Andrea Couper, Shannon Devlin, Kate Doherty and Nicole Ryan