Parent Information Night powerpoint

The Level 3 and 4 team would like to welcome you all back to school. We particularly welcome those families that are new to the school community and wish you a happy and positive start to your time at Eltham North Primary School.

There have been a number of staffing changes across the school for this year. Our 2018 Year 3 and 4 team includes the following teachers:
Andrea Couper – 3A
Gemma Twomey – 3B
Shannon Devlin – 3C
Kate Doherty & Nicole Ryan (Monday) – 3D
Lisa Smith – 4A
Jarrod Wait – 4B
Cara Grant & Lyndell Whiting (Monday) – 4C

The students have made a great start to the school year and we are all looking forward to a year of learning and fun. During the first few weeks, the classroom focus is to establish a positive learning community.


Inquiry Units

This term, Levels 3 and 4 will be undertaking Inquiry topics both with a focus on Civics and Citizenship aligned with Victorian Curriculum yearly outcomes. The Year 3 unit also covers Health and Year 4 a second unit covers Design and Creativity.

 The Inquiry Topics covered in Term 1 will be:

Year 3 ~ ‘How Can I Be The Best I Can Be?’

In Year 3, students will explore the overall question, ‘How can I be, the best I can be?’ Students will learn what being healthy means, why it is important and investigate different ways to be healthy. This will coincide with connecting a healthy lifestyle with a safe lifestyle. Students will research what safety means and various ways we can be safe in the school and outside community.

The unit also explores leadership and what makes a good leader. Those interested in applying for a specific leadership role will be given the opportunity early in the Term. Along with learning about leadership, students will investigate what the difference between a law and a rule is. Students will begin to link healthy lifestyle choices with obeying laws and rules.

Year 4 ~ ‘What makes a good leader?’

Year 4 students will engage in two, integrated units, based on the inquiry approach to learning, in Term one. They will explore aspects of leadership, including the needs and processes that shape rules, and school and local laws, in the ‘What makes a good leader? ’unit
In Year 3 and 4 the units have been planned incorporating the inquiry approach to learning.  Children are encouraged to set questions, gather information and resources and develop understandings about the world and society in which they live.


The students will approach writing using the VCOP principles to promote writing excellence. VCOP stands for Vocabulary, we want the students to be excited about finding and using new and interesting words in both their speaking and writing; Connectives, students will investigate ways to joins single sentences to create a more complex sentence; Openers, we will challenge students to use a variety of language to begin their sentences; Punctuation, students will be exposed to and practise using varied and appropriate punctuation within their writing.


In Year 3 students will be writing persuasives and move onto writing narratives later in the term. The writing pieces will link with our Inquiry units where possible. Students will be involved in the 5 stages of writing ~ planning, composing, editing, revising and publishing.

The year 4 students will be exploring the use of expressive language when writing a variety of persuasive pieces to serve different purposes. They will be working through the stages of the writing process: planning, composing, editing, revising and publishing.

Spelling and Grammar

Students will continue being explicitly taught, through the Write to Read Program, phonograms, spelling rules and how to apply these in everyday writing tasks.  The grammar focus for Year 3 and Year 4 will link to the writing sessions and be applicable to the genre being taught.


During Term 1 the Year 3 students will continue to participate in Literacy Group sessions. Each week this will involve the students rotating through a variety of targeted activities to improve their reading comprehension abilities, spelling and grammatical skills.

Year 4

Independent reading using the CAFÉ approach will also be a part of our reading instruction. The CAFÉ Approach allows and encourages students to take ownership of their learning, creating class and individual goals in partnership with their teachers and being accountable to their goals in Independent reading time. The one-on-one conferences used in the CAFÉ Approach also allow time for reflection, feedback and teacher guidance of student learning.

Speaking and Listening

Students will be involved in a range of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills. They will be interacting with their peers within a variety of formal and informal contexts. Students will be participating in collaborative discussions and will be encouraged to use interactive skills, including active listening behaviours to communicate in a clear, coherent manner.


Year 3

The Year 3 students will commence Mathematics this year with some work on number patterns, symmetry and data. Throughout the Data Unit we will learn about our classmates and collate this information into graphs. The students have enjoyed sharing their graphs with the class and making statements about their data. Our Number Patterns unit is a great way to refresh students’ number knowledge and explore the way numbers work. Later in the term we will focus on Place Value and integrate this with a range of other areas of Mathematics including measurement and the four core processes. This year students will be involved in some problem solving sessions, where they will be encouraged to apply their knowledge in real life situations.

Year 4

In Level 4 we aim to make maths meaningful and engaging for the children by connecting numeracy to real-life problems, and to things that the children relate to and care about. In Maths sessions, this Term, the Level 4 Team will focus on developing a deep and thorough understanding of place value – the foundation to all good ‘Number Sense’. A solid understanding of place value is fundamental to all mathematical ideas, processes and problem solving.

As part of our Start Up program, we have been busy collecting a lot of ‘important’ and interesting information about ourselves (how many birthdays we have in our class each month; and what is our favourite colours are) so that we can get to know each other better. We will connect curriculum to real-life situations, for example, sorting this disparate information into a range of colourful and interesting graphs

Through all maths sessions in both Level 3 and 4 there will be a focus on problem solving and giving children time to develop their understandings and apply these in real life situations. We will continue to incorporate the Big Ideas in Mathematics into our lessons to give students a strong foundation and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Physical Education – Sarah Van Nieukerk – All Year

Art (Year 3) – Wendy Hayes or Teresa Sciola, Art/ Italian (Year 4) – Teresa Sciola – All Year

Music – Amy Cecil –  Term 1, 2 and 4

Science – Jo Harwood – Term 3 and 4

Environment Cooking Elective- Karen Koutsodontis - Term 2


Year 3

This term in Art, the Year Three students will be completing a multimedia unit of work with the focus on painting and drawing. The children will develop an understanding of the art elements: line, shape, colour, texture and tone. Art room activities will include: creating painted paper through the mixing of acrylic paints; drawing superhero self-portraits; painting monsters using the picture story book, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ as a stimulus; and a study of the artist, Romero Britto and his colourful artwork. Towards the end of term, the students will begin work on their cards for Mother’s Day and prepare for our next unit of work - modelling.  All students are required to bring an art smock to the Art room.


Year 4

This term in art the students will be covering two areas- Drawing and Painting. They will aim to develop their techniques and skills in theses areas using a range of different media. After designing the front covers of their Visual art diary they will follow with sketching their own portraits. The emphasis will be on sectioning the face. They will then draw images from different views and create fish then cover with tissue paper. The underwater theme is continued in painting with backgrounds being painted with food dyes and salt added while wet to create pattern and texture. Finally to integrate a classroom theme, students will paint a “Polluted City ” background. Complementary and primary colours will also be included in this topic. Italian this term will cover Greetings, Alphabet, Numbers to 100, Colours and The Body.

Performing Arts – Term 1 – Grades 3&4

Welcome back! 2018 will see a change in that our program will now become Performing Arts based and will cover aspects of music, drama and dance at different times throughout the year. How exciting! In Term One the Grade 3’s will be investigating and creating their own listening glyph. They will use the music from the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ to complete this. They will create their own listening glyphs for ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and will then learn to play the melody on a variety of tuned instruments. The Grade 4’s will be introduced to the elements of drama and will rehearse and perform a scripted play for their peers. They will evaluate their work during and after their performance. Both year levels will undertake regular singing and dancing activities. I hope we all have a great year in 2018!

Physical Education

In Phys Ed this term, the Year 3 & 4 students will participate in sessions on teamwork, lacrosse, fitness and various invasion games. These will require students to work together cooperatively and help them develop and use strategies in game scenarios.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the school swimming and school cross country carnivals.


Year 3

In the beginning of term 1 students will be involved in a range of activities that explore the four school values, CARE (Cooperation, Achievement, Respect and Empathy). Further on in the term students will be learning about ‘What is bullying?' and we will be exploring different ways to prevent bullying at school, and in our community. 

We are excited for a challenging and rewarding term during our Wellbeing sessions.

Year 4

In wellbeing this Term, Level 4 is exploring our whole-school values –Cooperation, Achievement, Respect and Empathy (CARE). We are not just learning about these values in theory, we are also exploring what they ‘look like’, ‘sound like’ and ‘feel like’ when practiced and experienced in the playground and classroom.

Our school values are integral to Our School Vision: one that ‘empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.’ In Level 4 we are making the connection between the world we want to live in – a positive and supportive (learning) community; and the part we all need to play, through pro-social values and actions, if we are to achieve that goal.


In our weekly library sessions, students will have the opportunity to browse and borrow books for home use and the classroom library. Often CAFÉ sessions will be conducted in the library. Students will also have the opportunity to research their oral presentation topics.

Year 4 Camp

The Year 4 teachers are excited about our upcoming camping experience in 2017 at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp YMCA, Wednesday 28th February – Friday 2nd March. Many exciting activities have been planned for the students including the Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Swimming and Bushwalking. The children will also participate in indoor games and the highlight of the camp, “eltham’s got talent 2018”

Please ensure you provide permission on COMPASS and return 2 copies of the medical forms to the school promptly.


Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school everyday is important for consistency in your child’s education. If your child is absent for a whole or part of a day, please remember to log onto Compass and complete the absence details.  A Late Pass is required from the office if your child arrives after 9am.

Rubbish Free School

A general reminder regarding our Rubbish Free policy: Rubbish sent to school will return home with your child. Please encourage healthy eating and the use of clearly LABELLED reusable plastic containers for your child’s lunch and snack. If your child has a lunch order please send his/her lunchbox to school for the rubbish to be returned home.


Please ensure you are checking COMPASS regularly for school updates and happenings.

Teacher Meetings

The home/school partnership is critical to your child’s education. If you have any questions, clarifications or issues that need discussing about your child’s academic, social or emotional needs, please see your child’s class teacher as your first point of contact. As teachers often have before and after school commitments please make a time to meet. Teachers are also available through email and phone if this is more convenient. All teacher emails are available through COMPASS.

HOMEWORK ~ Home Reading

Homework in year 3 and 4 will require all students to read weekly and complete one project each semester. Year 3 students are expected to complete at least four 20 minute reading sessions per week in Year 4 this increases to 4, 25 - 30 minutes sessions per week.

Students are able to read books of their choice from home, school and classroom libraries. Reading may take the form of written or digital texts. It is important to read a variety of texts and, please take some time to discuss your child’s reading with them. Please continue to listen to, read with and to your child when you have the opportunity.

Please check that your child writes in their diary each night stating the name of the book and how long they read for. We ask you to sign and make a comment each week, by Thursday.  Your child’s diary will be checked and signed by the classroom teacher each Friday.

Student Diaries

Each student has been issued with an ENPS diary. These are used for communication between home and school, as well as a way for the children to organise themselves and remember school-related activities. Could you please ensure that you sign your child’s diary each Thursday to confirm their reading. Your child’s diary will be checked and signed by the classroom teacher on Friday. 


Thursday 8th Feb - 3/4 Parent information night

Thursday 15th Feb - PST conferences

Friday 16th Feb - House Swimming Carnival

Friday 23rd Feb - District swimming

Wed 28th Feb-Friday 2nd March - Year 4 Camp

Tuesday 6th March - Curriculum day

Wednesday 7th March - School Photos

Monday 12th March - Labour day

Friday 23rd March - School Cross Country

Thursday 29th March - Last day of term.

Friday 30th March - Good Friday public holiday


It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We thank you for your continued support.

The Level 3/4 Team

Jarrod Wait, Lisa Smith, Cara Grant, Kate Doherty Gemma Twomey, Andrea Couper, Shannon Devlin, Lyndell Whiting and Nicole Ryan.