Well can you believe here we are beginning Term 4 and the year is almost over? We are extremely proud of the progress the students have made throughout the year and are looking forward to a successful final term. Term 4 can be a challenging term for some students as there is often a lot of exciting events both at school and out of school, change to routines and the thought of moving to a new level. Our transition program will assist the students in managing these changes. David Foley and Stephen Hayes will communicate via the newsletter information regarding the process for class placement and the transition program.


Inquiry Units

Year 3 ~ ‘What makes a design go BANG?’

In Year 3 the students will be investigating invention and design. They will be involved in a range of activities looking at the questions:

  • What is an invention/design and why do people invent/design?
  • How are inventions/designs created?
  • What are the stages of the invention/design process?
  • How do they influence our lives?
  • How can we determine if an invention/design is successful?

The students will be given a design brief asking them to design something that will make life easier around the home. They will need to bring in materials for this, the classroom teacher will email you when this is required. Later in the term students will also share their design at a ‘Design Expo.’

Year 4 ~ ‘Convicts: Victims or Villains?’

‘Convicts: Victims and Villains?’ is the Year 4 unit of work based on the investigation of post 1770 Australian settlement. After examining the conditions and realities of the life of a convict dating back to life in England in the 1700s and their transportation to Australia, students will write a historical narrative, engage in co-operative group investigations and collect and record data related to these experiences.

Each of these units has been planned incorporating the inquiry approach to learning.  Children are encouraged to set questions, gather information and resources and develop understandings about the world and society in which they live




In Year 3 students will be starting off the term with poetry. Students will be reading different forms of poetry and writing a range including rhyming, acrostic and free verse. Later in the term they will be writing procedural texts and developing a design brief for their invention. They will continue to use VCOP strategies to ‘up-level’ and edit their work independently.

Spelling and Grammar

Students will continue being explicitly taught, through the Write to Read Program, phonograms, spelling rules and how to apply these in everyday writing tasks. 


Students will continue practise strategies taught and the opportunity to share their learning and understandings through Independent Reading sessions using the CAFÉ approach.

Speaking and Listening

The Year 3 students will have an opportunity to further develop their speaking and listening skills through an oral presentation project linking to the Inquiry Unit. These presentations will be delivered to their teachers and peers.

All students will be encouraged to actively contribute and listen critically for key points in class and group discussions.



The Year 4 student’s will be creating various persuasive pieces, as well as writing historical narratives to align with their Inquiry focus questions and related topics. Students’ research of the life of a convict sent to Australia will form the basis of a sequenced, detailed account of an exploratory journey in the form of a personal journal. Students will also look at the VCOP principles of writing.

Spelling and Grammar

Students will continue being explicitly taught, through the Write to Read Program the phonograms, spelling rules and how to apply these in everyday writing tasks. 


Students will continue practise strategies taught and the opportunity to share their learning and understandings through Reading Group sessions, and also independent strategies using the CAFÉ approach.

Speaking and Listening

The Year 4 students will practice public speaking and improvisation skills throughout the term, with a performance in character of a convict sent to Australia to further develop their confidence and skills in oral communication.


Year 3

This term in Mathematics students will begin with a focus on Chance before moving on to units on Fractions, Time and Money. We will be looking at these concepts through a range of hands-on activities and problem-solving tasks that encourage students to make links between Mathematics and the real world. Towards the end of Term 4, we will apply the children’s measurement and mathematics knowledge to a special afternoon; The Potato Olympics!   Miss Devlin will be contacting parents to ask for parent helpers closer to the date. This term we will finish off by working through revision sessions where children will have the opportunity to re-examine past units from 2017 and apply their knowledge to practical situation, consolidating their learning.

Year 4

This term, Year 4 students will discover many real-life connections between the mathematics learnt in class and their lived first hand experiences outside of the classroom.

In number, students will extend their knowledge of fractions. We will be building upon our understanding of fractions by making connections to decimal notation through lots of hands on tasks that involve making different models of decimal fractions. This will link nicely with measurement of time and the study of money.

Under the numeracy umbrella of ‘Statistics & Probability’ the topic of chance will be investigated to assist students to identify and describe possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring. In ‘Measurement & Geometry’, geometric reasoning will be developed by comparing and classifying angles, and exploring the geometric properties of two and three-dimensional shapes.

We continue to encourage all students to revise concepts and practice skills developed in the classroom by completing set tasks on Mathletics at home on a regular basis. It was wonderful to see so many students who were absent from school last term due to illness, make good use of Mathletics to help them keep in touch with what was happening back at school.


Year 3

The Year Three students have a fantastic term planned in the Art room. Initially, the students will be working in collaboration with the PFA to create beautiful Father’s Day/special friend cards. Next, the children will explore ‘threads & textiles’ ‘construction’ and ‘collage’ to create woolen ‘God’s Eyes’, monster box constructions, paper weaving from painted paper, spiders and webs. Finally, the inspirational artist this term will be Kerrie Ambrossino. The children will collage, paint and print cats using the techniques of this artist. Gratitude and kindness to others will be the wellbeing focus. 

Year 4

In Art this final term we will be covering the following units of work- Collage, Appreciation and Christmas Art. In Collage the students will create Crazy Animals, Boats and Paper Monkeys pictures demonstrating a range of paper altering techniques.

Incorporating a study of famous artist John Brack and his work “The Battle” students will create art using collage techniques influenced by his style. This piece will be used for their Portfolio artwork. 

Finally a range of Christmas decorations including a Origami Santa, bon bons, a wreath and a card will be produced to complete the term in Art.

In Italian we will be focusing on learning the body parts through flashcards, songs, stories, games and oral language practice. Finally the cultural aspects of Italian and Australian Christmas will be covered.


This term’s program aims to develop cultivation and cooking skills whilst exploring the concepts of sustainability. Students will be involved in the growing, preparing and eating of home grown ingredients.  Simple recipes, related to the Year 3 focus on Celebrations and Year 4 focus on life in Australia during settlement, will be utilised to investigate the environmental, cultural, scientific and personal aspects of the food we eat. 


In the final term of the year, the year 3 & 4 students have some of their favorite units coming up including cricket, netball and volleyball.

Region Athletics is on Wednesday October 18th. From year 4, Will Hensel has qualified in discus and Summer Priest has qualified in triple jump. They have been training hard for months in their selected events. We wish them all the best.

The Milo Cricket Round Robin Excursion will be on Friday October 27th and the event will go up on Compass shortly. This is primarily offered to the year 4 boys and girls as there are team restrictions on the day.


During Term 4 the Grade 3&4 students will continue to develop their skills, knowledge and concepts. They will continue to learn and play a range of musical instruments. The Grade 3’s will be learning to play ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, using the iPads and covering a unit of work on beat boxing – look forward to some interesting sounds! The Grade 4’s will be investigating a range of rhythms and different ways to play them and then will be creating a backing track using Garage Band to play along with. Both year levels will be practising some great songs for the Christmas concert, which should be an awesome event!


In our weekly library sessions, students will have the opportunity to browse and borrow books for home use and the classroom library. They will be undertaking a book response task allowing them a choice of activities to engage and encourage a deeper understanding of the text.


Attendance and Punctuality

Being at school everyday is important for consistency in your child’s education. If your child is absent for a whole or part of a day, please remember to log onto Compass and complete the absence details.  A Late Pass is required from the office if your child arrives after 9am.

Rubbish Free School

A general reminder regarding our Rubbish Free policy: Rubbish sent to school will return home with your child. Please encourage healthy eating and the use of clearly LABELLED reusable plastic containers for your child’s lunch and snack.


Please ensure you are checking COMPASS regularly for school updates and happenings.

Teacher Meetings

The home/school partnership is critical to your child’s education. If you have any questions, clarifications or issues that need discussing about your child’s academic, social or emotional needs, please see your child’s class teacher as your first point of contact. As teachers often have before and after school commitments please make a time to meet. If it is required, teachers can be emailed through compass. Please note that this mailbox is not monitored outside of school hours and your classroom teacher will not respond to emails outside of this time.

Student Diaries & Home Reading

Each student has been issued with an ENPS diary and they are required to bring this to school everyday. These are used for communication between home and school, as well as a way for the children to organise themselves and remember school-related activities.

We ask the children to read for at least 20 minutes 4 times a week.  Please check that your child writes in their diary each night stating the name of the book and how long they read for. We ask you to sign and make a comment each week, by Thursday.  Your child’s diary will be checked and signed by the classroom teacher each Friday.



Mon 16th -Tues 17th October ~ Year 3 Camp

Wed 25th October ~ HoopTime

Thursday 26th October ~ Fun run

Friday 27th October ~ Year 4 Cricket

Friday 3rd October ~ Curriculum day

Tuesday 7th October ~ Cup day

Friday 24th November ~ Year 4’s start swimming

Nov 27th -1st Dec ~ Year 3/4 swimming (Year 3 only Monday)

Tuesday 5th December ~ Get your arts on day 2

Tuesday 12th December ~ Christmas concert

Wednesday 13th December ~ Big day out

Friday 22nd December ~Last day

It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We thank you for your continued support.  The Level 3/4 team ~ Jarrod Wait, Gemma Twomey, Hayley Ball, Shannon Devlin, Caitlin Kennedy, Lisa Smith, and Matthew Georges