Wow, here we are, half way through the year already! Term 3 is always a busy term with plenty of hands on teaching occurring.  Again, Term 3 is 10 weeks long and is shaping up to be a busy and productive one for all. Term 4 can be a challenging term for some students as there is often a lot of exciting events both at school and out of school, change to routines, and the thought of moving schools. Students often become tired which can impact on their ability to cope.  Our transition program will assist your children in managing these changes.


Inquiry Units

Earn and Learn

This term will be running the Earn and Learn program as our integrated topic.  The Earn and Learn program aims to simulate the experience of owning and operating a business.  Throughout this unit students will rely heavily on their Mathematics skills to work out tax, profits, percentages and weekly budgets.  All three grade 6 rooms will be working together during this unit, to create a larger scope for the program while also increasing engagement for the students.


This term we will be running a transition program to help your child feel prepared and ready for secondary school. Some of the areas we will look at are:

  • Memories of the past 7 years
  • Things we are looking forward to
  • Things we could be worried about
  • Stress Management
  • Timetables and public transport
  • A visit from yr 7’s to talk about their experiences

During these sessions we will also be working on our graduation movies and speeches.



The Year 6 students will be writing Narratives and will be using VCOP (the use of Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) to edit and revise their work.  We will be writing a collection of letters towards the end of the year.

Students will be supported throughout the writing process of planning, composing, editing, revising and publishing in the classroom.


This term, students will again be participating in Literacy Circles. This runs for 5-6 weeks and while the work is done at school, sometimes reading or activities may need to be completed at home to keep up with deadlines.  They will continue to participate in grammar sessions and Interactive Notebook activities to develop their independent reading skills.

Spelling and Grammar

Students will continue being explicitly taught, through the Write to Read Program, phonograms, spelling rules and how to apply these in everyday writing tasks.  The grammar focus will link into the writing sessions and be applicable to the genre being taught.

Speaking and Listening

Students will be involved in both individual and group oral presentations this term. They will be encouraged to listen to other’s points of view and respond appropriately. Students will be involved in actively listening and contributing to class and group discussions.


In Year 6 we will be covering the following areas:

•   Patterns and Algebra

•   Angles

•   Revision of number concepts

•   Financial Maths

Problem solving will be a key aspect of maths sessions, giving students time to develop their understandings and apply them in real life situations. We will continue to incorporate the Big Ideas in Mathematics to give students a strong foundation and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Our Earn and Learn unit will provide real life opportunities for students to apply their understanding of financial maths, by calculating taxes, creating budgets and making change.


Year 6 students are learning the basics of building a website, using CotEditor as their text editor, and three programming languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They will learn how to write code that will format their text and webpage, insert images and create hyperlinks to other websites. Students will also utilise Google Classroom to work collaboratively in the second half on the term. They will continue to use i-movie and photo editing software preparing items to shown on the night of graduation.


In term 4 this year the level 5 & 6’s will be participating in units of cricket, volleyball and netball.

The Region Athletics Carnival is on Wednesday 18th October. There are 8 year 5/6’s who have qualified to attend. Good luck Charl, Riley, Myles, Brad, Willow, Paige, Mia & Sophie. You have trained so hard for months and you deserve the rewards.  There is also a Milo Cricket Excursion on Friday 27th October. Numbers are capped though, so year 6’s will have priority.


This final term of the year the units of work being covered are Collage, Art Appreciation and Christmas Art.  The unit in collage in Term 4 will focus on the development and refinement of collage and paper altering techniques. A study of artist Pablo Picasso will see student’s artwork inspired by him. They will create a collage mask inspired by “The Weeping Woman”, Collage food cupboard, newspaper figures, 3D bugs will also be produced using a range of collage techniques. Finally culminating in Christmas art with a range of decorations and cards being made. In Italian this term we will be introducing the language topic of “Food” using flashcards, stories and a worksheet.

All students will continue to participate in weekly Music, Art and P.E. sessions.


Big Day Out

To celebrate the end of the year we have planned a whole day at Fun Fields for all students on Wednesday  the 13thof. Please continue to check Compass for more information to follow later in the term.


Plans have already begun for this year’s graduation. The graduation is to be held on Tuesday 19th December at Eltham High School. The Year 6 students will begin dance lessons with Nicole Bunnell through out this term. The graduation evening is a great way to celebrate all of the hard work that your child has put into their primary school education. More information about the graduation will be sent home from the Year 6 teachers soon. Please do not purchase a signature bear as these will be presented to the students on Graduation night.

Graduation Dance Practice will be held each Friday, after lunch. These will start in week 4 or 5 (still working this out)  If possible, please do not collect your children early on Fridays during these weeks as we will need all the dancing practice we can get! 

Transition to Secondary School

Orientation Day for many of the Secondary Colleges is Tuesday December 12th.  Year 6 students will attend their new school for the day.


Term 4 is a Sunsmart term. All students need to have a school hat that is to be worn at recess and lunch breaks.  If students have lost or cannot find their hat, a new one can be purchased from the uniform shop. They will be directed to the atrium or Rest a While shelter if they have no hat on the day. NO HAT - NO PLAY!


We have been pleased about the general behaviour of most students this year. We will continue to reinforce good behaviour and work habits at all times.  Continuous poor behaviour will have consequences and parents will be contacted if necessary. We ask your support in encouraging your child so that the end of year can be a happy and exciting one for everyone.



Homework is given at this level to assist in developing responsible and independent work habits and to enable students to develop time management skills.  We are aware that many students and parents find homework daunting, but when we consider the expectations at high school, learning these habits, skills and routines is vital.

Most secondary schools require the students to put together a collection of work to take along on Orientation Day. The Year 6 students will be given some time in class to gather work samples, however they will be required to work on this at home.


Home reading is to be recorded in diaries and returned to school each Thursday. Please sign the diary as evidence of student reading.

Oral Presentation

Students will be required to prepare and present an oral presentation where they will be presenting a report on their favourite book. (Refer to Oral Presentation Sheets given in class) Students are to work on this presentation at home and will be presented to the class in weeks 5 and 6.



Please check the dates below for events that involve your child.


W10- Tuesday December 12th- Grade 6s go to 2018 high school for transition day

W10- Tuesday December 12th- Whole School Christmas Concert

W10- Wednesday December 13th- 5/6 Big Day Out to Fun Fields

W11- Tuesday December 19th- Grade 6 Graduation

W11- Thursday December 21st- Grade 5/6 Survivor Day









Our Level 6 team of very dedicated teachers and their email addresses are as follows:

Josh Darling                                       Room 23

Kate Van Noorden                            Room 24

Stephen Sankovic                             Room 25

Students in Level 6 are our school leaders and they represent ENPS in a variety of ways both within the school and the wider school district.  As the oldest children in the school they are role models for others at ENPS. Their behaviour, both appropriate and inappropriate, is watched, remembered and mimicked.


It is best for us to work together to help your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We are available before and after school on certain days if you need to make an appointment.

We are looking forward to a great term.