The educational programs of Eltham North are supported by a diligent, cohesive community and a well resourced infrastructure.  In the past decade the school has been transformed to accommodate 26 classrooms with the addition of a Community Centre, larger Resource Centre, Multi-Media Information Communications Lab (ICT), Music centre, OSHC centre, newly refurbished art room and an upgraded Administration area.  The extensive ICT facilities are networked to all classrooms and specialist areas. The provision of greater space and technology resources serves to respond to learners developmental needs and innovation in pedagogy.  Extensive landscaping provides a range of active and passive play areas with four adventure playground zones. Astro turf covers our main assembly,  prep and Year 3/4 play zones and our new 5/6 grass lawn outside the library.  Outdoor environmental activity areas include a two pergola covered learning areas, veggie gardens, worm farm and greenhouse.

The school was initially designed by Clarke Hopkins Architects and includes a learning neighbourhood for Prep – Year 2 students consisting of 12 classroom learning spaces and 5 support rooms.  The Specialist zone includes an Art room, Out of School Hours Care room, large hall, canteen, Library and ICT Lab, Environmental Cooking and Science Lab, Music Centre with attached keyboard lab and Instrumental Music room.  The Year 3/4 zone supports 7 classroom learning spaces and the Year 5/6 zone supports 6 classroom learning spaces and two spare multi purpose learning space. The main school roof is new and improvements made internal ceilings, cupboards and fitouts in classrooms.

The BER Development is a two storey building. The year 5 students are located on the first floor zone with 3 flexible learning spaces and a break out multi-purpose room.  The same set exists for the year 6 classes on the ground floor. A small kitchen and two disabled WC’s are included in the foyer. A bridge ramp links to the year 5 upper level from the playground and year 4 relocatables and a grand staircase divides both levels.

The old library was transformed into a large Staffroom, kitchen and Conference room.  The old staff room is refurbished as a science lab / cooking learning centre. These redevelopments were relatively easy to undertake but required an allocation of funds and support from parents (trades required include builders, carpenters, electricians and plumbers).

For the commencement of 2018, we completed more than $60,000 (school funds) of works to fit the new atrium cover for sun shade and rain proofing. Addition the year Prep -2 children enjoyed having 4 cubbies installed and the year 3/4 area received a ‘gar gar pit’ ( this is a hexagonal shape with sand in it. Children have a large ball and they tap it around to try to get each other out). On our year 4 camp at Mt Evelyn our children have always enjoyed this activity so it has been very special to install our own!

Building Education Revolution (BER) Development

The BER two storey building contains a ground floor year six centre divided into 4 classes that can open up to be one large learning space.  It is at least twice the size of the old library / ICT lab and offers the opportunity to be used as an innovative open and flexible teaching space for class groups.

The first floor plan includes four classroom learning spaces for our year five students and a support room.