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At Eltham North Primary School the parents and staff are partners in supporting the students' education and recognise that the best educational experiences for the children will occur when there is close cooperation, mutual trust and respect between everyone. Children whose parents participate in the school and/or get involved with their education at home are more successful at school.

Essential components of our parent involvement strategy

At Eltham North we strongly encourage parental participation in all aspects of school life. Please browse the selection of resources and initiatives.

Our PFA umbrella is very large and every parent is part of our PFA so we welcome your involvement.  More information

Parents are guided to learn the routines of the classroom and be able to assist children in the learning process.  Teachers value parental assistance to help with reading, writing, spelling and computer activities and for special activities like sports and excursions. More information

Programs aimed at promoting the home-school partnership and supporting students’ learning and welfare are offered to parents throughout the year. During these sessions parents learn about aspects of the school curriculum, teaching strategies, and the most effective ways to help their children. More information

Parents of students at Eltham North Primary School are eligible to borrow books from our Parent Library. There are many different titles on a variety of topics relevant to parents. Books can be borrowed by seeing Helen Skerry (our Library Technician). Book loans are for a period of three weeks. More information

A variety of additional resources for our parent audience. More information

School Council

The School Council is the governing body of the school. The main areas of responsibility are educational policy, management of the school’s resources (including buildings and grounds), and selection and employment of certain designated staff. Learn more on our School Council page.
School Council