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Our school has many wonderful and unique elements that make it so special. Our environmental surrounds have a leafy feel and the engagement and connectedness of students is evident. At Eltham North we have a proud academic tradition and maximise learning opportunities to shape our students' future through high quality, values enriched teaching and learning.

Photograph of the school bell

As a proud Victorian Government Primary School, Eltham North has a clear vision and purpose. The school is renowned for fostering student excellence with the support and involvement of our learning community.

At Eltham North, the school community works together to ensure every child has a positive, happy and rewarding school experience. Parents and teachers are genuine partners in the learning process, ensuring students are encouraged to participate, to strive to achieve their best, to be considerate and supportive of others, and to value the pursuit of knowledge.

The school attracts and retains an experienced, caring and innovative staff who work to provide a range of high quality learning opportunities to stimulate and challenge the individual needs and talents of their students. This is done within a collaborative culture, creating a strong sense of community and team spirit.

Student enrolment for 2024 is 520 students with results in national testing consistently showing performance well above state and national means. This is testimony to the quality education provided.

At Eltham North, our challenge is to target key indicators which define what it is to be a truly successful learner, a learner who not only achieves well in national testing, but who is deemed successful within the context of his/her area of talent. To achieve this we focus on providing our students with access to a broad range of learning opportunities that respond to the diversity of their individual needs and abilities. We believe these opportunities will continue to evolve through the commitment of our dedicated staff.

We are confident our focus on individual needs and abilities will be achieved through maintaining strong partnerships with parents and the wider community. This, in turn, provides a comprehensive approach to challenging our students to achieve their best and build self-confidence in their personal abilities. This approach of building the foundations of academic and social capabilities of our students reflects our school's ethos:


Students gathered around a teacher explaining plant biology.

Our school empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being.

Our Purpose

Eltham North provides an inclusive, caring and rigorous learning environment that engages our students and challenges them to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively to their full potential. Students are encouraged to develop a social conscience which enables them to contribute to their family, school and the wider community.

School Philosophy

Eltham North is dedicated to building upon its strong community relationships, positive student achievements and seeking out new innovation to further support the thinking skills and creativity of our learning community. In partnership with the community, we provide our students with the means and motivation to excel and lead us into an exciting future.

How do we ensure our School Philosophy is embedded in our practices?

Our school operates by asking a fundamental question, “Is this work or process in line with the school vision, values and beliefs?”  This question guides and directs the practice of all leaders in the school.

The vision of the school sits at the centre of our focus and there are expectations about all work aligning with the vision. Regular evaluation processes are in place to measure performance in all areas of the school with respect to the implementation of the vision and values of the school. All documentation reflects the set of practices of the school. This includes organisational structures, teaching and learning practices and programs, internal and external interactions, School Council  and community programs.  A list of school policies sit within this framework as part of VRQA quality assurance requirements.

The belief that all students can achieve high standards transform nearly everything about the way we approach schooling. An organised structure of attributes, principles and understandings expressed in the design of our curriculum amplifies the possibilities for long range planning, short term preparation and clear communication. Our highly skilled staff provide programs based upon team curriculum design, authoritative research and theories, school priorities and most importantly individual student needs.

Our staff embrace a positive approach that allows our students to create, discover and grow together as part of our Learning Community. The following set of attribute statements represent a summary of the ‘sense and feel’ of the school.

Statement of Community Values

Eltham North Primary School recognises the importance of the partnership between schools and parents to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, ensuring inclusive, safe and orderly environments for children and young people.

The enclosed ‘Statement of Values ~ Promoting Healthy, Safe and Respect Communities’ document, sets out our behavioural expectations of all members in this school community, including the principal, all school staff, parents, students and visitors. It respects the diversity of individuals in our school community and addresses the shared responsibilities of all members in building safe and respectful school communities. Discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, bullying, violence, aggression and threatening behaviour are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this school. Statement of Values: Promoting a healthy, safe and respectful school community.

Community Attributes

Our Environment

  • appreciate the ‘welcoming atmosphere’ about our school
  • appreciate the benefits of a medium sized school
  • are inspired by our architecturally designed buildings
  • work to maintain safe and healthy play areas
  • are proud of our school and its heritage
  • enjoy our ‘home among the gum trees’

Our School Community

  • work together as a team to achieve common goals
  • value the opinions and contributions of others
  • respect individual skills and differences
  • are adaptable to change
  • work co-operatively
  • communicate effectively
  • create a supportive and co-operative environment
  • have confidence, belief and trust in team members
  • demonstrate a personal contribution and commitment to
  • educational improvement
  • understand and appreciate our own role and the role of others

Our School Values

  • care about and support each other
  • endeavour to do our best and be professional in everything we do
  • value and actively pursue excellence
  • behave honestly and ethically
  • appreciate and accept ourselves and others
  • respect the rights and property of others
  • accept that rules are necessary for the safety of everyone
  • encourage individual choice
  • develop a sense of responsibility

Our Learning Process

  • nurture a love of learning
  • recognise learning is a life-long process
  • take responsibility for learning by encouraging risk taking
  • provide challenging learning experiences that develop self esteem
  • acknowledge effort and achievement
  • encourage children to reach their individual potential
  • value the opinions and contributions of others
  • cater for individual teaching and learning styles
  • continually monitor progress and report on student

To promote a Healthy, Safe and Respectful School Community we refer you to our 'Statement of Values' credo.