Our Teachers

"There are many moments that are most gratifying for a teacher –  the first is when you see a students face 'glow' and 'come alive'  because they 'get it' and the second is when the student 'runs with it'  because they have an idea or know what to do now......  and watching a child blossom before my eyes is a little bit miraculous !"

Staffing Philosophy

The support and well being of our staff is very important. We provide an innovative and stimulating learning environment. Sophisticated organisational and leadership structures are in place that assist in setting clear directions and monitoring improvement toward them. This is illustrated through the school’s team structure. The school leadership team takes a strategic perspective, curriculum teams provide teaching and learning detail to strategy, and unit level teams are operational – developing and executing plans to achieve strategy and move the school closer to its ultimate goals of improved student outcomes. Examination of various curriculum and operational plans reveal a strong degree of alignment among them in terms of school purpose. Various key improvement strategies and actions designed to enhance teacher capacity, support students and provide effective leadership are resourced.

The independent School Reviewer reported that the "Overall effective school performance is a function of the quality of teaching and learning occurring in the classrooms. There is whole-school agreement about good instructional practice, including approaches to literacy and numeracy and there is clear agreement about effective teaching practice which is observable in classrooms ".

Various data and anecdotal evidence supported the School Self Evaluation contention that the school’s teachers possess high levels of capacity and commitment. The School Self Evaluation reported that the school has :

“a focus on purposeful teaching as efforts are made to ensure instructional practices are relevant, effective and based on sound research practices"

"Implementation of a literacy program called ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ (LLLL) emphasising phonemic awareness and phonics instruction has added to our school wide agreement about instructional practice. Other elements include the use of the Early Years Literacy Program instructional strategies and routines, explicit literacy and mathematics teaching, the use of ICT, and assessment for learning practices. A school-wide assessment schedule describes comprehensive and ongoing use of assessment data to monitor learning and inform teaching practice. Teams perform a key role in generating shared responsibility and accountability for teaching practice. Reviewer observation of classes revealed a consistent integrated approach to teaching across the school in the literacy block, including within class ability grouping of students"

Student and teacher walking together, holding hands.

What a wonderful inspiration our teaching staff are.  They are the spark that ignites a student’s learning, through communicating their passion for their subjects and touching not just students’ minds, but their hearts and thoughts. Some quotes from our teachers:

"I love sharing the excitement of a good book — when I introduce it and start talking about it with excitement, the students can’t wait for me to start reading; when it’s time to stop reading and begin our next lesson, they beg me to read “just a little more”.

"I am dedicated and passionate about teaching and hold an unwavering commitment to continuously refining my expertise in the classroom. I use my interpersonal skills and build positive relationships based on professionalism, respect, and trust with our staff, students and parent body.  I challenge myself and broaden my own knowledge through professional learning and I am enthusiastic about working with my team to support staff, improve my teaching and learning experiences for my students. I love our school because the culture is to drive a vision where we can bring forth dedicated and purposeful teaching that ultimately is so satisfying".

The best thing we can offer our students are the skills and love that each of our teachers bring to the classroom. Each member of our staff is uniquely experienced to offer the diversity of skills required to bring out the best in the students in our care. Beyond curriculum, technology, or community partnerships, teachers are the single most important factor in a student’s learning.