School Council

The governing body of the school

The School Council is the governing body of the school. The main areas of responsibility are educational policy, management of the school’s resources (including buildings and grounds), and selection and employment of certain designated staff.

The team is made up of parents and teachers. As a general rule, the School Council determines policy and the teaching staff implement the policy by developing appropriate programs. Through the School Council and its project teams, parents and other members of the school community perform a significant role in the decision-making process. The School Council usually meets at 7.00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

The Eltham North Primary School Council operates the following portfolios with project teams who work on specific briefs or assignments. Marketing Policy, OSHC, PFA, Facilities, Uniform, JSC. Members of Council include:

2022 School Council Members

Adrian Higgins
Kristina Chaston
Vice President
David Walker
Ned Kilpatrick
Parent member
Parent Member
Daniela Lupeski
Parent Member
Kelly Cooper
Parent Member
Angela Bove
Community Member
Community Member
David Foley
School Principal
Stephen Hayes
Assistant Principal
Tandy Johnson
Assistant Principal
Amanda Newing
Staff member

Introducing Adrian Higgins

Adrian Higgins Profile Image

Hello ENPS families. I am the President of the School Council.

Although I know many of you, for those I don’t, please know that I am very approachable, and happy to listen. I have one child who has completed his primary education at ENPS and one child currently attending. I have been contributing to the school council for quite some time now, with this being my eighth year.  It has been a very productive time, which I have enjoyed.  I have sat on multiple project teams and contribute through different roles in the executive team.

The school is in a great position, providing programs over and above many schools, and with your help we will continue to do so. If you would like to get in touch, my email is

Cheers, Adrian Higgins

Sub Committees

Ongoing Projects

A special council sub team that makes decisions on urgent matters that cannot be raised to full council in a timely manner
This team oversee the operation of Out Of Hours School Care Program.
Oversee and controls the finances of the School Council.

Public Relations

Association oversee the scheduling of events that actively involve  the  school community with a focus on effective communication to parents and students
Parents & Friends
Organises and implements a number of social and fundraising events each team. Sub groups leaders assist and organise one particular event, ie. the Healthy Fruit initiative


Develops and implements a strategy to maintain the school building and grounds in excellent condition.
Oversee the operation of the School Council Uniform Shop.


Strategic Plan
This team oversee the development of the new School Strategic Plan and the production of annual and 4 year report

Standing orders of School Council

More information about School Council can be found on the the DET website.

This year, Council sought the opinion of our students in respect to gathering their views about school life.  Children were asked to answer five questions. Here is a summary ~ Student Voice

Finance & School Budgets

Setting up our school budget plan

As we enter our Budget planning cycle for each year ie 2022, I thought you might like to know how we go about this task? Funds are derived from three broad sources:
  • Standard government grants, allocated on a per-student basis
  • Special government grants for defined purposes
  • Revenues we raise ourselves, from voluntary levies and various fundraising activities.

Government provided funds are known as the school global budget. The global budget is used to fund everything you see at the school, with the exception of teacher salaries, which are looked after by the Department. We need to set a budget to cater for classroom materials, library materials, education support, teacher professional development, sports equipment, building and grounds maintenance, telecommunications, utilities, computers, relief teachers,  cleaning, administration support and so on.

The global budget does not include ‘user pays’ activities such as camps,  excursions, services of educational consultants (Speech Pathologist), OHSC . These are funded on an at cost basis from the monies received. As an example, a $50,000 Water Grant Program we received and spent was costed outside our School Budget as a Special Purpose grant based on a successful submission to Federal Government. So to date we approved the installation of four new water tanks to service toilet blocks and the refurbishment of new dual flush toilet and drinking taps.

Different schools have different approaches to managing the global budget. At Eltham North, it is a collaborative activity between School Council,  staff and Principal, and three broad process as follows:

During September and October, nominated teachers provide estimates of requirements for the various educational programs. The Principal and Assistant Principal provide estimates of other requirements. During September, the Principal prepares a broad appraisal of the indicative budget and corrects anomalies and adds any new inclusions, in consultation with other staff. In October, the School Council Finance Project team review projected revenue and expenditure, proposed adjustments and discuss requirements for family contributions. At this point, the project team is reviewing the current year budget and expenditure. The project team then present a first draft budget to School Council. In November, the project team finalise the budget, which is then presented to School Council for ratification at the November meeting. At this point, School Council approves any deficits or surplus funds.

We use Accrual Accounting procedures. Basically we have to have the $ upfront to be able to fund all programs in the schools. We require clear targets and lock in items to be funded upfront. As in previous years, we aim to achieve a modest surplus which will be transferred to a contingency reserve. In terms of completing the year to year cycle we ensure we demonstrate that Eltham North has really added quality to resource provision for all students. Examples this year include the purchase of $ 5000 worth of new reading books, $10,000 for Interactive projectors in classrooms, $ 100,000 for new Macbook ipads and laptops.  The key to our continuing success and achievement is commitment to providing quality resources for the students in our school and I thank the School Council Finance team (especially Adrian Higgins, Donna Millar, Madison Quinsee, David Walker, Stephen Hayes) for their efforts this year.

David Foley
School Principal